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Taroko Gorge

Temple & Waterfall

Simply Beautiful. The sign here distinctly said "Don't pick the rocks." I could hardly restrain myself, picked some up and ended up discarding them due to guilty feelings. This night I got my first allergic reaction and I wonder if it had anything to do with the rocks?

Guardian Lion at

Guardian lion at the end of a bridge. By request for my English friend Gavin.

Amazing view

The weather was cold and a bit gloomy, but the view of the road winding through the Gorge was amazing.

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Rosy Cheeks
Rosy cheeks from the cold wind make me look less than flattering?

Wild at Heart

Wild hair from the wind. Impressed by the power of the surf at the side of the ocean, I was crazy enough to go running on the sand to where I felt closer to nature. All the other tourists played it safe by staying on the concrete. You can see it was cold enough that I have both my lightweight jackets on this day. This was the first stop on the way to the gorge.

Jungle happiness

I'm in the jungle! Definately my happiest in Hualien of all my travels.

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A little blurry from my cold shaking hands, but what an impressive view!
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This is from the bridge with 100 different stone lions. They are placed on both sides of the bridge and are to guard it. I'm not sure what they are guarding it from though.

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