Photoblogging Taiwan

Please respect artist's rights. Photos may be used with written permisson only.
All photos taken with with a Sony CD MAVICA 200. © All rights reserved
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Wanna Teach?

An excited classroom of fourth graders.
Whip out a camera in any class for an instant circus.

Instant circus!

Looks like fun! I saw your pics from time to time, but then for a long time you didn't add any....

Looks like great stuff. What kind of camera are you using?

Add camera and stir...

I'm using an old (by digital standards) Sony CD Mavica 200. It's max resolution is 2 megapixel but I find it does pretty remarkable macro photography. The camera is reasonably large but considering I was previously lugging around a metal body Canon F-1 with a 70-210mm lens my little Sony still feels light. The upside to my camera is that it burns directly to 8cm CD-Rs or CD-RWs. Unfortunately, most of Taiwan's internet cafe's haven't installed CD drives in their machines so I found it difficult to upload to my blog for a while.

I still haven't managed to get my head wrapped around memory sticks. Why create a new media aside from greed? My CD's are lightweight and hold over 100 high-res jpegs at a time. Any time I have new topic matter, I just swap CDs. I like being able to burn a copy of my pictures on a laptop and hand them out at special family events rather than laboriously e-mailing everyone. Plus, I'm too lazy to archive things properly and having CD's burned instantly saves the guilt trip.

I'd like to upgrade to something with a better lens and slightly larger resolution capabilities. While 8x10's are wonderful for most good shots it'd be nice to do a 16x20 print now and then. Right now I find myself lusting after Sony's H1 with the 12x optical zoom, but if I could find a reasonably priced Sony MVC-CD500 I'd be pleased.
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